You’re financing Comcast’s wifi infrastructure.

TL;DR Comcast is selling wifi access through Skype, and you’re paying for it.

Last week the big news on the internet was that Comcast was turning a public wifi signal on 50,000 subscribers.

This has been happening in the Boston area for sometime and honestly its nice to be able to walk around the city and have wifi in many of the locations I visit. If the wifi network were only for other subscribers to use I wouldn’t mind at all, but it looks like there is more to than that. 

I work remotely, so I am always looking for access to wifi while i’m out. I check the xfinity wifi map and I also started to look as the Skype network as an alternative when I can’t find a xfinity signal.

When I was looking at the Skype wifi map I noticed a lot of overlap between the xfinity coverage and the Skype coverage, then I realized why. Comcast is reselling access to their wifi network to Skype users. Access to the Skype wifi network isn’t free, you are required to purchase Skype credit to use the access points. It doesn’t seem fair that I am paying to rent the router, paying for the electricity, and paying for internet service while they piggy back on my resources to build out a wifi network. A wifi network which they are now reselling without offering a discount.

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